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Engage customers and optimize their journey with SAP Customer Experience solutions for Life Sciences

Life sciences companies are embracing digital transformation for more patient-centric care. They are reimagining their business models, how they interact with both patients and healthcare providers, and the role that drugs and medical devices play. And it’s patients who are driving this change. Patients now have greater access to their personal health information online, and are more active participants in their own care. Healthcare has moved from fee-for-service to value-based care, and both patients and payers are expecting personalized, cost effective treatments with proven outcomes.

This transformation requires a sales and engagement platform that simplifies the buying experience, drives creativity, adds monetization channels, and puts patients at the center of everything.

The life sciences industry is innovating on all fronts

Business models that improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care

Business processes that promote collaboration between patients, physicians, and producers

Employee roles and organizational structures that improve responsiveness and agility

SAP Customer Experience – Life Sciences Solutions: Engage and exceed customer expectations with data-driven insight

Market conditions are challenging life sciences companies to innovate how they interact with both partners and patients. The only way to manage this change is to proactively lead it.

SAP Customer Experience provides a single omni-channel platform that brings together commerce, marketing, revenue, sales and customer service solutions for real-time customer understanding. From front office intentions to back office ERP, SAP Customer Experience life sciences solutions ensure the seamless digitalization of all stakeholder interactions, including clinics, wholesalers, clinicians and patients.

Achieve full integration with your core business processes to provide a unique, life sciences specific platform for commerce and engagement of wholesalers, care providers and patients across all channels.
Deliver personalized experiences in-context with each interaction.
Create a single, harmonized experience for all customer segments – including wholesalers, physicians and patients – while reducing the burden on employees.
Engage your customers on any channels they choose at any moment of their journey.
Deliver a seamless, omni-channel life sciences experience

Whether you’re B2B, B2B2C or both, SAP Customer Experience solutions can help you increase revenue and profitability with great customer experiences at every touchpoint. Product content and catalog management lets you add new products or change offers in hours, not weeks. And pricing, bundling and order management come standard.

Redefine sales processes

Leverage advanced CRM capabilities that give your salespeople, employees or clinicians the edge they need. SAP Customer Experience sales solutions support smarter selling, so you can accelerate productivity and performance, personalize customer interactions, and make more informed business decisions – anytime, anywhere.

Expand your business models

SAP Customer Experience revenue solutions let you change pricing models, manage credit and collections, and handle invoicing and receivables management seamlessly. Provide customer-centric subscription offers and other services your customers want and expect.

Collaborate enterprise-wide

Fully integrated with SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud, SAP JAM connects medical providers, patients, and employees with key information, processes and files in the cloud. This enterprise social collaboration software brings together everything and everyone you need to solve problems quickly and drive results.

Reduce Risk
Arm yourself against business interruption, lost revenue and lost customers. Take advantage of new opportunities and increase sales.
Lower Customer Service Costs

Self-service and assisted selling reduce costs while boosting customer satisfaction.

Achieve Better Customer Engagement

Consistent superior customer experiences across channels, sites and lines of business increase loyalty and simplify doing business.

Increase Sales

Improve conversions, capitalize on cross selling and increase average order size.

Optimize Future Growth And Scalability

Our platform is extensible, scalable, and flexible enough to support changing business requirements.