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SAP Commerce Cloud: a single commerce platform that supports any go-to-market business model Discover how SAP Commerce Cloud solutions support any B2C, B2B or B2B2C go to market strategy by simplifying the process. Product Demo
SAP Commerce Cloud: a single comnmerce platform tailored to the unique requirements of your specific industry See how SAP Commerce Cloud industry accelerators address the unique requirements of various industries and help deliver great customer experiences. Product Demo
SAP Customer Engagement Center SAP Customer Engagement Center offers a unified agent desktop with built-in communication channels and ticketing. Product Demo
Delivering the best end-to-end B2C customer engagement Today's customer wants to be more involved in their purchases, in this video we take a quick look at how SAP Customer Experience can support every aspect of the B2C customer journey using our end-to-end portfolio of products. Product Demo
Delivering the best end-to-end B2B customer engagement To be agile enough to respond quickly to your customers’ needs, wherever they might be – you need the right tools. This video will give you an overview of how in the B2B world SAP’ end-to-end solutions can support every stage of your business. Product Demo
SAP Marketing Cloud

This video gives you an overview of SAP Marketing Cloud.

Product Demo
SAP Service Cloud

SAP Service Cloud has everything you need to manage your customer service process, from initial customer contact all the way through to billing.

Product Demo
SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud meets your customers’ expectations and delivers great experiences by engaging with your customers anywhere, at any time and on any device

Product Demo
SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud is a mobile first solution that focuses on the four key areas that help your business to act faster, become more relevant, have a strong presence and sell more.

Product Demo
SAP Revenue Cloud

Watch these demos and learn how to: quickly identify revenue opportunities and bring new monetization models to market that are highly personalized and responsive streamline - streamlining your quote-to-cash process and delivering the ultimate customer experience.

Product Demo
Free trial SAP Marketing Cloud Sign up for the 30-days FREE trial of SAP Marketing Cloud and start engaging your customers Free trial
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