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White Paper

Context, Commerce and Customer: Best Practices to Exceed Expectations Report

In a CMO Council report, 67 percent of senior marketers and commerce executives admitted that marketing and commerce technologies were very important, if not essential, to organizations’ overall effectiveness and performance. But when asked how well these technologies were reaching beyond the walls of marketing and commerce, aligning with other functional areas— including sales, service, product and support—they had to admit that they had not quite reached technology synchronicity with other stakeholders. Only 3 percent said technologies aligned very well while the majority, 54 percent, said they were working on it.

But as they “work on it,” the customer has already moved on, opting to do business with brands that consistently connect and delight. The answer is not as simple as ramping up technology faster or even automating more of the engagement process. In reality, marketing and commerce teams must look at the critical intersection when people, process and platform all intersect. This is the point at which marketing becomes relevant, drives value for the company and the customer, and allows experience to become the competitive differentiator.

This report, based on the findings from an online audit of more than 170 senior marketing and commerce leaders from around the world in the first half of 2016, examines how disconnects and deficiencies are impacting experience and how analytics and customer insights can create more relevant, personalized and gratifying experiences.