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Industry Solution Brief

SAP Hybris Sales Solutions for Manufacturing

For all types of manufacturers, a mobile first strategy offers access to the people parts of the sales process. This includes sales collaboration, team selling, a collaborative environment, enhanced data management and predictive analytics to identify key influencers and most promising leads.

Data is king. It helps a sales agent understand what makes their customers and businesses tick. Mobile allows data to be processed in real time. As the modern incarnation of connectedness, it can parse information quickly and pull relevant items from the stream.

Real-time processing requires some concentration to turn into comprehension, and success speaks to an individual’s time management capabilities. The effort invested in absorbing real-time information results in higher-value knowledge that will advance the sales process.

It is critical that sales agents make it clear the extent to which the prospect will be cared for throughout the journey, and especially after the sale. Every good professional knows the second sale is far more significant than the first, because a repeat customer is both easier and more profitable to manage.

Integration is a key differentiator in sales success. While the sales agents are out plying their skills, a comprehensive and capable back end can result in up to an 80 percent reduction in implementation time and cost, along with minimized implementation risk, and reliable upgrades.