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Industry Solution Brief

SAP hybris Marketing Solutions for Utilities

There are many more choices and options for people to engage with utilities today, from how they understand their individual accounts and usage information, to the way they pay for energy and water. Customers feel, and are, more empowered than ever.
While consumers exert their new influence on the grid, so do intelligent energy-efficient devices, part of the growing Internet of Things, evolving and advancing energy consumption in highly contextual, individualized ways. Knowledge and data gathered about customers are enablers of contextual marketing, and the disruptive force of all modern marketing. And omni-channel engagement provides a new and refreshing approach to customer relations, while promising a greater and more consistent ease of use, and becoming a powerful marketing element.
The utilities industry will continue a rapid evolution, incorporating service-based commercial models – bundling products and services as a source of new revenue – and encouraging robust personalized relationships with its audience. The mobile market is ripe for cross-sell and upsell opportunities for marketers capable of recognizing the commercial potential of approaching subscribers on this personalized, contextual basis.