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Industry Solution Brief

The Connected Car

Today, cars have to be more than transport. They need to work harder to rival the myriad of goods and experiences competing for the consumer’s money and offer the kind of convenience we’ve come to expect from smart devices. This is a crucial element of increasing loyalty to a brand and keeping customers. The connected car is the car of the future. For the driver the benefits are obvious. For the car maker, the opportunity to turn services into revenue is enormous. A car that pays for parking in every city a driver visits across a continent, allows its occupants to shop while travelling and enables the manufacturer to generate income from this level of convenience is more than the car of the future. It’s the future of the car industry. And as the concept of ownership moves from drivers owning a specific vehicle to a contract that buys the right to a car, the account-based framework that underpins these services becomes the most effective method of communicating with the customer.