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Industry Solution Brief

SAP Customer ExperienceCustomer Engagement Solutions for Utilities

Now is the time for utilities to embrace disruptive monetization techniques, just as retailers, media outlets, and software companies have done. Existing revenue models for utilities are becoming obsolete as changing customer demographics, deregulation, de-carbonization, and decentralization of power production all drive towards significant changes to utilities in their current form.

Opportunities exist for utilities to collaborate and bring to each individual customer an assortment of conservation programs, value-added products and services, and education about relevant topics, such as distributed generation, water conservation, and energy efficiency, as well as warranties, and financing options.

Utilities can take advantage of insights from big data to develop 360-degree visibility into customers, including their usage, behavior, products, orders, and trends. Data is the new resource, helping redesign business processes, and leveraging analytics in real time to be smarter, faster, and simpler. Utilities can launch B2C, B2B, and B2B2C storefronts to engage today’s digital consumers and use the Internet of Things to empower utilities to engage customers with contextual and relevant experiences, and encourage recurring relationship-driven engagement.