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Analyst Commissioned Research

IDC: Monetizing Digital Transformation Blending the Physical and Digital Worlds to Generate New Revenue Streams

How to remain competitive and relevant in the face of significant market disruption?

The "business model shift," while oft-quoted, is a frequently misunderstood term. It refers to the changes business must make to better engage and retain customers in a service-based economy, and involves a completely new vision for the company that is cross-domain and impacts every division. However it could take various forms, and most scenarios differ depending on the industry. Across all these "business model shifts," the major challenge lies in turning the digital vision into real business, which is top- or bottom-line growth.

How do revenue streams change? If partners are part of the new value proposition, how do they monetize their services? How are various stakeholders in sales, marketing, and operations incentivized in the new business model?

This IDC report explores best practices and emerging examples of companies that are rising to the challenge and which business model shift they are choosing on their digital transformation journeys.


Download the IDC white paper to:

  • Learn from organizations that have been able to blend physical and digital worlds to deliver new revenue streams
  • Better appreciate what a “business model shift” really implies and which scenario will be the best suited for your company
  • Understand how making money from the digital transformation is directly correlated with the digital maturity of your company

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