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What does SAP Hybris actually do?

We help companies of all sizes to do better business, across all channels.

Our focus isn’t just on you, but on your customer too, because if you can anticipate and respond to what they want and what they need, you’re ahead of the game.

Our products cover five main areas: commerce, billing, marketing, sales and service – all of which get you closer to your customer. Check product portfolio or get in touch, if you have specific questions.

Our products offer three main benefits:

Delivery of a great and consistent experience for the end-user
By making every interaction with the company look and feel the same, and personalizing that touch point, the user benefits from a smooth, efficient path to purchase and beyond.
Simplification of customer-facing systems
We make products that cut cost, time and complexity. So it’s easier for customers to work with and buy from businesses, and businesses spend less time and money maintaining systems and more on innovation and change, keeping them competitive.
Rapid transformation and agility
Our products allow businesses to react and move quickly to change, so they don’t get left behind.

What do ‘channel’ and ‘omnichannel’ mean?

Channels are the ways in which you reach your customers, and how they reach you. Everywhere you have a presence that a customer can access – your website, your mobile app, your bricks and mortar shop – is a channel.

Going omnichannel means making everything you do consistent across all channels. So a customer will have exactly the same experience shopping on a phone, a tablet or in-store.

Where did the Hybris name come from?

“Hybris” is a variation of the word hubris. The original Greek meaning of the word (in ancient Greek, ὕβρις) derives from the idea of mortals challenging the gods and (usually) failing.

When the company began, its founders regarded what they were doing as a challenge to the orthodox. A well-established German firm called Intershop dominated e-commerce software and hybris was very much the young upstart. Success was by no means certain.

The word also describes the moment where mankind becomes aware that it is capable of self-determination, and the responsibility that comes with that. By choosing hybris as the company name, the founders reflected on the need to understand the relationship between your skills, opportunities and risks.

Can you tell me more about how you started?

It all started in Munich in 1997. You’ll find the story is one of friends, pizza, proper innovation…and lots of hard work.

Who uses your products?

Companies as diverse as Bridgestone, Krones, Nestlé, Ted Baker, Levi Strauss and Samsung. Our customers are among the world’s biggest and most recognised companies. Have a look at our case studies to see what we do for them and how our products work.

What is Hybris Labs?

To maintain the momentum of our innovation we experiment with combinations of new technology, trying things out for the sake of it. Based out of our flagship office in Munich, Hybris Labs offer a fascinating window into our R&D work. Some of what they do might end up as products but it’s as much about the spirit of exploration as anything else. It’s highly experimental, informal and exciting.

What is “YaaS”?

With YaaS, our exciting new microservices ecosystem & marketplace, you can reassemble and adapt services to build custom experiences on the fly. Btw, the official name is "SAP Hybris as a Service on SAP HANA Cloud Platform”, or simply YaaS".

What are microservices?

Rather than monolithic web applications microservices are small independent services, focused on one task that can be easily combined to any web applications, from lightweight to highly complex. Each service can be altered independently of the other, so changes are quick and easy to make and it’s highly customisable. Traditional applications require more extensive work to make changes. Because of this, industry experts reckon microservices are the future of application architecture – and that’s why we’re so excited about YaaS microservices – aka SAP Hybris as a Service.

Who’s in charge?

President, SAP Customer Experience
Alex Atzberger

» Connect with Alex on LinkedIn and Twitter.

COO, SAP Customer Experience
Sam Alkharrat

» Connect with Sam on LinkedIn and Twitter.

CEO, Gigya
Patrick Salyer

» Connect with Patrick on LinkedIn and Twitter.

CMO, SAP Customer Experience
Kevin Cochrane

» Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn and Twitter.

SVP Customer Success & Services, SAP Customer Experience
Katrin Guenter

» Connect with Katrin on LinkedIn.

CTO & Head of Engineering and Delivery, SAP Customer Experience
Moritz Zimmermann

» Connect with Moritz on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Head of Strategy, SAP Customer Experience
Nicholas Cumins

» Connect with Nicholas on LinkedIn.

Where can I find out more?

Why not check out our latest news, speak to our Communications team – or get in touch with a sales advisor.

Ask us a question

Got a question we could answer? Drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.