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How to move from carts to hearts

Thanks to the digital economy, brands are experiencing hits and misses when it comes to engaging their customers. Dive into the impact the digital economy has had on business – both in terms of challenges and opportunities.

The digital economy is changing everything.

Consumer behavior continues to rapidly shift and shoppers are increasingly more demanding.

With immediate access to information from any number of smart devices, customers are better informed and hyper-connected. Businesses are having to reimagine how they can deliver amazing and meaningful customer experience that drive brand advocacy. So, how can you achieve optimal engagement with digital customers? And what does it take to capture their hearts?

Join us for this virtual master class and hear what our experts have to say.

Meet the speaker

Marco Trezzi
Global Industry Principal, Consumer Products
SAP Customer Experience

Manager with a broad range of experience in helping Brands to make core transformations in Digital Commerce, Marketing, Sales, and Service to optimize customer experience omnichannel. Marco's functional expertise includes solution development and management, go-to-market strategy and alliances, sales and business development.

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