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How to boost sales and marketing alignment to achieve effective outcomes

Sales and marketing tightly aligned in a complex business environment? Yes, it’s possible! (And critical to profitable bottom lines!)

Optimizing marketing and sales divisions can grow revenue 32% faster.*

Sales and marketing alignment is one of the most important factors in creating a scalable, repeatable revenue machine. In aligned organizations, sales and marketing work together in a coordinated effort to achieve the ultimate goal: revenue.

If your organization is struggling with sales and marketing alignment, you don’t want to miss our virtual master class to help you achieve effective business outcomes.

*Source: 2016 Aberdeen report on marketing and sales alignment.

Meet the speaker

Shalini Mitha
Global Head of Solution Marketing
SAP Customer Experience

Shalini leads an experienced team of marketing experts that help customers embrace their digital transformation while delivering exceptional customer experiences. She is passionate about helping sales organizations connect with their customers to build and foster lasting relationships.

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