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Upgrade to the Latest Version of SAP Commerce software

Boost Your Digital Transformation

Get the full benefits of our commerce platform and stay ahead of your competition: upgrade to the latest versions of our software.

Wondering why this is a critical topic for your business? Watch our video below on the top five reasons to upgrade and the risks linked to staying on end of life versions.

Depending on your current version and your custom functionality, it can be challenging to decide exactly when to upgrade. Unsure about project complexity and costs associated with the process? We at SAP Customer Experience Expert Services and our ecosystem of partners are here to help!

These tools and collaterals will provide you with initial information. When you are ready for a more detailed conversation, please email us at sapcx-upgradeservices@sap.com.

Read how SAP Store benefited from an upgrade

Learn how we upgraded our own SAP Store running on the SAP Commerce platform

Learn more about upgrading SAP Commerce platform

An upgrade decision requires two-fold comparison of your existing version of the platform and the latest release, both from a functional and technical stand point. Our consultants will work very closely with you during this initial stage and explain how to best proceed in your individual case. Analysis focused on functionality will detect how new, out-of-the-box features can replace custom-coded functionality in your existing platform. Additional out-of-the-box functionality will help you drive your e-commerce strategy forward, too. A technical upgrade analysis will simulate the upgrade project in areas such as code, data, configuration and project feasibility. These services will help you make an educated go/go-no upgrade decision.
Information Sheet
Get a 360-degree view on what an upgrade means for you
Self-Assessment Tool
Get a customized assessment of your individual upgrade effort
Why upgrade?
Learn about the 5 reasons why you need to upgrade your version of the SAP Hybris platform to the latest release.