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Build a better customer journey for the digital traveler

Fly higher and happier with SAP Customer Experience.

SAP Customer Experience for Travel: The Journey is the Destination

When it comes to pleasing the modern, digital traveler, making sure your messaging and service are consistent across every channel is just the beginning.

From dreaming of the next destination to booking, traveling and post-travel follow-up, SAP Customer Experience helps you unpack the secret to customer loyalty. When you couple outstanding, data-driven experiences with excellent customer service, you can provide even the most discerning consumer with an exceptional experience across all touchpoints.

White Paper: The Connected Traveler Engagement Imperative

The modern traveler demands an omnichannel experience, from booking to customer service to post-trip follow-up. SAP Customer Experience explains how to meet their changing needs.

SAP Customer Experience: Engage the digitally connected traveler

More than 80 percent of consumers begin booking their travel plans on one device, but complete the purchase on another. With SAP Customer Experience, make sure they don’t abandon the transaction with consistent and relevant experiences, pricing and promotions across all your channels.

The relationship doesn’t end when the trip is over. Use SAP Customer Experience omnichannel solutions to gather and analyze customer data, anticipating their next adventure. Keep travelers engaged after they get home with customized ideas and itineraries for their next :outing.

Rebuilding connections with the modern traveler with SAP Hybris

It’s easy to lose the personal touch in a digitally driven world. SAP Customer Experience offers omnichannel solutions to help travel brands quickly resolve customer issues, respond to requests, process upgrades, make a la carte offers and communicate in real-time with effective and positive results. From booking to billing and post-journey follow-up, SAP Customer Experience solutions for travel simplify a complicated process – for you and your customer.

SAP Customer Experience Certified NDC Level 3 by the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

As the travel industry embraces retailing capabilities to continuously improve customer engagement, IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) has defined a model to modernize airline distribution. Enabling airlines to implement a best-in-class retailing commerce platform at the core of their digital transformation, SAP Customer Experience is IATA NDC Level 3 certified, for its end-to-end offer and order management capabilities. With SAP Customer Experience, you can offer full, dynamic pricing with better control of your distribution, improving the sale of ancillaries and providing travel agents access to rich content (pictures, videos, etc.).

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Create and deliver top-notch engagement for modern travelers with SAP Hybris.
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