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SAP Customer Experience for Automotive: Driving customer expectations in the vehicle marketplace

New revenue opportunities far beyond the showroom floor are revving up in the automotive industry. The digital transformation is driving a changing role for dealerships, revised ownership models and financial services for customers, and a fresh take on aftermarket sales and service business.

SAP Customer Experience helps you fine-tune future growth opportunities while exceeding customer expectations. Our dealership integration solutions offer the ability to deliver a seamless, intelligent customer experience every time, across every channel and device.

42% of respondents to a supplier survey by SAP and AASA believe technology will impact the aftermarket in three to five years.

19% of respondents believe technology is already impacting the aftermarket now.

50% of suppliers are looking to add transaction capability directly with individual consumers, up from 8% currently.

Source: A commissioned study conducted by SAP and AASA, 2016

Empower your network with SAP Customer Experience solutions

Whether you’re launching a new marketing campaign for your used-car marketplace or a national push to promote the latest model, you can easily deliver what the global storefront demands – beyond vehicle sales.

The digital era gives you countless ways to forge strong and lasting relationships with your customers and prospects. From pre-commerce to a driver’s portal to e-mobility: any aspect of the automotive market can now be supported across every touchpoint and channel with SAP Customer Experience.

New revenue, new opportunities

The driver ecosystem is the fastest growing sector in the automotive industry. As companies experiment with new vehicle ownership business models, it’s critical to have the right tools to fine-tune your organization, understand customer preferences and boost customer loyalty.

SAP Customer Experience business-friendly digital tools help business innovators test and explore new monetization strategies. From global automotive enterprise to small business, SAP Customer Experience supports an empowered front office, sales teams and service to deliver great customer experiences every turn.

Industry Solution Brief
The Automotive Aftermarket

Globally, aftermarket revenue continues to grow at a very healthy pace especially in markets like China where it is projected to triple by 2022. During that same time period, the overall market will double, exceeding $50bn presenting a tremendous opportunity for those who get it right. And it’s not just competitors, customers and countries that are causing the disruption. The industry itself is poised to make the biggest changes, as the arrival of autonomous vehicles slowly draws closer to alter forever our relationship with the car. Autonomous cars will result in more miles being travelled and more vehicles on the road, with the direct consequence that more parts and services will be needed.

Industry Solution Brief
The Connected Car

Today, cars have to be more than transport. They need to work harder to rival the myriad of goods and experiences competing for the consumer’s money and offer the kind of convenience we’ve come to expect from smart devices. This is a crucial element of increasing loyalty to a brand and keeping customers. The connected car is the car of the future. For the driver the benefits are obvious. For the car maker, the opportunity to turn services into revenue is enormous. A car that pays for parking in every city a driver visits across a continent, allows its occupants to shop while travelling and enables the manufacturer to generate income from this level of convenience is more than the car of the future. It’s the future of the car industry. And as the concept of ownership moves from drivers owning a specific vehicle to a contract that buys the right to a car, the account-based framework that underpins these services becomes the most effective method of communicating with the customer.

Industry Solution Brief
The New Age of Vehicle Sales

For the consumer, buying a new car can still seem like a daunting and not particularly enticing prospect. Just deciding how to spend their money is tricky enough; the complexity of leasing and rental deals is off putting and difficult to navigate. The experience at dealers doesn’t always accurately represent the brand. And for the most part, and with most manufacturers, it’s not a digital process. Often the only fully digital part of buying a new car is using a configurator. The rest is distinctly analogue. There is also a growing gap between the customer’s expectations of the ownership experience and what is offered by many brands. In fact, the word ownership is becoming irrelevant because increasingly, people do not want to own a car. They want transport. New methods of accessing and paying for that transport are defining the future shape of the automotive industry.