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Status: Gold
Extent of activity: Regional
Solutions: Commerce
Certified professionals: 25
Region/Countries: EMEA,


In a nutshell:

The Hybris and SAP Gold Partner Sycor specializes on integrated customer-friendly portals as well as marketing and sales automation. Sycor has helped over 100 customers digitalize their sales process since it 1998.

Company description:

The Sycor Group is a full-range IT service provider with SAP Hybris and SAP Gold Partner status. As the winner of the SAP Digital Selling Award 2016, Sycor helps companies successfully master their digital transformation by implementing and customizing SAP Hybris solutions. In addition, Sycor offers a wide range of proven add-ons for SAP Hybris, such as Sycor.OfflineAccelerator, which makes online shops available even when there is little or no network coverage. Sycor.CC-Connector seamlessly integrates the external spare parts solution, CATALOGcreator®, into SAP Hybris Commerce. Sycor also offers Application Management Services and attractive implementation packages.

Our portfolio:

  • SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce
  • SAP backend integration including variant configuration
  • Proven add-ons for SAP Hybris Commerce
  • Spare parts retail solutions
  • Integration of third-party solutions
  • Digital lead generation
  • Application Management Services
  • Implementation packages

Media & Downloads:

Sycor Reference Otto Bock

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That´s how variant configuration in SAP Hybris Commerce works!

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B2C: make your online shop available anywhere

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B2B: Make your SAP Hybris online shop offline-capable

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Spare parts business with CATALOGcreator®

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