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Siteworx, LLC
Status: Gold
Extent of activity: Regional
Solutions: Commerce
Region/Countries: North America,

Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

In a nutshell:

Siteworx is a Design Build Run agency crafting digital solutions for today's B2B companies. We focus on content and commerce. We specialize in lean and iterative delivery. We accelerate time-to-value, achieving business objectives faster and with minimized risk. We deliver craftsmen-level solutions with boutique-level service. We strive to build a world where digital systems give our clients the freedom to grow. To focus on customers. To focus on experiences.

Company description:

Digital has revolutionized almost every market. It has drastically changed business models and requirements for growth. It has heightened customer expectations. As a result, our clients are now competing almost entirely on time. They need to get to market faster and deliver value quickly. They need to focus on providing superior experiences that foster loyalty and capture growth.

Siteworx has developed a rapid time-to-value approach leveraging a lean and iterative delivery model that is hyper-focused on Design, Build and Run. We deliver solutions that are tied to clear business goals that ensure our clients create value, fast.

Design: Where functionality meets imagination. Our seasoned team of designers combine creative vision and strategic planning to deliver user-centered experiences with intuitive and elegant interfaces.

  • User Experience Design
  • Service Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Responsive Design
  • Research and Usability Testing

Build: The foundation for business growth. Based on your specific needs, our team of engineers build content and commerce solutions on a variety of industry-leading platforms, always keeping business goals in mind.

  • Front and Back-End Development
  • Platform Evaluation & Selection
  • Platform Architecture & Integration
  • Configure Price Quote
  • Personalization

Run: Continuous experience enhancement. Our high-touch teams provide support and performance optimization to keep your digital solution ahead of the curve.

  • Cloud-Based Hosting
  • Experience Optimization
  • Application Support & Enhancements
  • Analytics Platforms & Data Analysis (Adobe, Google)

Siteworx. Build Fast, Grow Smart.

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