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Pyxis S.A.
Status: Silver
Extent of activity: Regional
Solutions: Commerce
Certified professionals: 33
Region/Countries: Latin America,

Kolumbien, Uruguay

In a nutshell:

Pyxis is a technology company specialized in technology infrastructure and software factory services. It has two locations that are: Montevideo, Uruguay (HQ) and Medellin, Colombia.

Company description:

Pyxis is a technology company founded in 2009. Sinergy is the word that best defines us. We truly believethat it is possible to generate IT growth through partnership and cooperation between different actors. That was our starting point and is the way our compass still looks. We preferred to call our customers, partners and build long-term relationships, providing real value to the projects we work with. The philosophy we preach out of the company is also the basis of our way of being indoors. We realize that our greatest strength is the team we are and believe strongly in each of the professionals selected to work at Pyxis. That's why we promote horizontal management style, in respectful, warm, relaxed and, above all, human climate.

Pyxis offers consulting and managed services through high specialization professional capabilities with focus on technology infrastructure in both on premise and cloud platforms. The services include administration, monitoring, support, devops, sizing, performance, security and scalability among others, on market most used platforms like Microsoft, Linux and VMWare. Pyxis has extensive experience in Sharepoint, JBoss, and virtualizations platforms based on VSphere and vCloud.

Pyxis Software Factory services are based on technologies like Java, J2EE, Rails, hybris and Adobe Experience Manager servicing customers in USA, Chile, Ecuador and Uruguay. All required roles in a software factory are included, like developers, testers, business analysts, project managers and software architects among others. The team has a high technical seniority, with several years of experience and permanent technology updates using scrum and agile methodologies.

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