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Eperium Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd
Status: Silver
Extent of activity: Regional
Solutions: Commerce
Certified professionals: 4
Region/Countries: APAC,


In a nutshell:

Eperium was incorporated in 2003 with focus on providing enterprise e-commerce solutions. As e-commerce evolved, Eperium transformed in to full service e-commerce Company offering services in domain of PIM, OMS, Mobility and Cloud. Eperium not only helps customers to realize their e-commerce ambition but also foster long term partnerships by providing ongoing support , innovation and advice for improvements.

Company description:

Eperium has offices in India (Delhi) & Netherlands with workforce of more than 250 technical and business consultants. During existing of more than 12 years, Eperium has delivered numerous large scale e-commerce projects involving multiple countries, languages, channels and currencies. Eperium has managed growth in number of daily orders from few hundred to more than 50,000. This experience helps Eperium to deliver solutions which are future ready and withstand high number of orders. Eperium has always delivered in time and budget, never failed and has 100% success track record.

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