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Cloud, The Lens We See the World Through
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July 17, 2017
Episode 3

In this episode, “Cloud: The Lens We See the World Through,” Jamie Anderson and Johann Wrede analyze how cloud has become the foundation of business agility and transformed the way businesses interact with customers. They’ll discuss how cloud technology broke barriers to become an enabling force for business, and dig into some of the customer engagement benefits.

Meet Your Hosts

Working closely together over the past decade, the inspiration for this podcast stems from candid conversations exchanged between Jamie Anderson, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of SAP Hybris, and Johann Wrede, Global Vice President of Strategic Marketing, at SAP Hybris. These industry experts are friends as well as colleagues, and their conversations span everything from technology and marketing, to personal experiences and childhood memories, with a lot of laughs in between. On the podcast, the dynamic duo welcomes you into their hilarious conversations as they break down the complex, relevant issues that B2B and B2C companies face today.

Jamie Anderson
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of SAP Hybris

Jamie Anderson is a customer experience and CRM veteran, with nearly 20 years of experience in the customer-facing solutions space. He has worked with many brands in defining, building, and implementing engaging customer experiences. As Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of SAP Hybris, Jamie focuses on SAP Hybris’ customer engagement and commerce portfolio which incorporates solutions that support businesses across five key pillars: commerce, revenue, marketing, sales, and service. Check him out on Twitter @collsdad.

Johann Wrede
Global Vice President, Strategic Marketing of SAP Hybris

At his core, Johann Wrede is a marketer because he loves to create, experiment, and tell stories. He has worked in technology for over 20 years, with experience spanning business development, sales, and pre-sales and more. As Global Vice President of Strategic Marketing at SAP Hybris, Johann is responsible for the overall positioning and messaging for SAP Hybris’ solutions portfolio. Check him out on Twitter @wredefine.