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Engage the new food shopper

Online grocery is just one aspect of a larger evolution within the future of food – one in which customers expect exactly what they want, when they want. It's important that you and your brand stay agile, ready to change in ways that add value to them while driving higher profits for you. In this publication from Wiley, Digitally Engaging Food Shoppers For Dummies, learn how and why the industry is changing, where there are opportunities to grow, and what you can do to stay relevant and competitive.

SAP Special Edition: Digitally Engaging Food Shoppers For Dummies

Topics covered in the book

• New trends that are changing the face of food shopping


• Digitise the shopping experience


• How to serve the new food shopper


• Modernise your organisation


• How to create your digital strategy

Customer Video
Brookshire Grocery

Brookshire Grocery Company has been providing families with high quality foods and customer service since 1928. Watch this video to learn how SAP software is helping the company take the customer experience to the next level.

Coop@Home – Neue Nutzererfahrung

Um den Kunden ein einzigartiges Erlebnis zu bieten, braucht es eine Plattform, die diese Erlebnisse ermöglicht.

Solution Brief
Use SAP Hybris to connect with your shopper, in store and online.

For grocery store customers, shopping is inherently personal and individualised. So why not treat their experience the same way? SAP Hybris helps you collect and analyse data to build dynamic customer profiles and adapt to their indidivual needs and broader market trends.


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