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SAP Hybris Commerce solutions for insurance

Digitalization is upending the insurance industry as it moves from relationships and in-person interactions to impersonal online shopping. But that doesn’t mean customers don’t want personalized engagement. They do, but customers want insurers to engage with them on their preferred channels at the times they choose. They want the freedom to stop and go throughout their journeys, and they expect insurers to follow and support them along the way. If they need help, they expect it to be there in a seamless experience.

Unfortunately, most insurers are far from being able to create that experience, and almost half admit they have no realistic plan for digital transformation. There are simply too many applications, too many data silos and too much complexity.

The financial services accelerator by SAP Hybris Commerce makes it easy for insurers quickly to make sense of the complexity and provide their customers and employees with a modern digital experience that is consistent, personalized and exceeds customer expectations.

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