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SAP Hybris B2B Aftermarket Portal: The Aftermarket opportunity for manufacturers!

The aftermarket for manufactured goods is estimated to be four to five times larger than the original equipment business. To stay competitive, it is imperative to deliver world-class aftermarket capabilities.

The aftermarket for manufacturers is growing, and the profit margins are worth your attention. Many companies remain unprepared and stand to lose out to global, third party competitors, including digital native companies like Amazon, Google, and Alibaba. Companies cannot count on repeat business and loyalty as much as in earlier years. They need to be more agile and aligned with customer preferences to capture this valuable market.

Offer an Aftermarket portal to your customers

To survive and to be profitable, in the sparepart business, you need to give your customers' access to your catalog and purchase your products, services and solutions as easy as possible – in all channels. How do you do this?

We gladly support you!!

Our Solution

SAP Hybris Commerce offers comprehensive capabilities to accelerate digital transformation in B2B Aftermarket business. Personalized shopping experience leads to a higher customer satisfaction and retention to sustainably improve customer service and process efficiency. Generate higher and more stable profit margins with SAP Hybris B2B Aftermarket Portal by offering best-in-class communication and procurement channels.

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Übersicht via Kartenintegration

360° Kundensicht über Installed Base, Angebote, Verträge, Bestellungen, Serviceaufträge, Lieferungen und Rechnungen

Integration von IoT-Informationen

· Betrachtung von historischen und realtime Sensortasten


· Direkter Zugriff auf Servicebuchungen und Supportanfragen

Service- und Ersatzteilkatalog

· Direkter Zugriff sowohl auf den Ersatzteilkatalog, also auch auf den Katalog für Services

Ersatzteilbestellung mittels Explosionszeichnungen

· Integration von SAP Visual Enterprise, um Teile von 2D und 3D Zeichnungen auszuwählen

Integriertes Dokumentenmanagement sowie eine integrierte Wissensdatenbank

· Integriertes Dokumentenmanagement für Betriebsanleitungen etc.

; ;

· Integrierte Wissensdatenbank für interne und externe Wissensartikel, FAQs etc.

Krones has it already, the SAP Hybris Aftermarket Portal - and is thrilled!

“Krones AG is widely considered a reliable one-stop shop for the beverage industry, manufacturing filling, labelling, and packaging technology for a wide array of beverages. Its fully mobile-enabled online store launched in 2014. Based on SAP Hybris Commerce, it delivers a personalized B2B shopping experience from buyers’ mobile devices.

Service starts at the beginning of the Customer Journey
53% Abandon a purchase ;if they can’t find quick answers to their questions ;
Source: Forrester
Agents need to effectively support Customers on all Channels
50% of organizations will soon be managing a multichannel contact center ;featuring at least eight channels ;
Source: Dimension Data
Agents need Context, and real-time Customer Insight, throughout the entire Customer Journey
14% of time spent searching for answers in multiple systems ;
Source: Aberdeen