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A delightful digital experience: too important to ignore
New consumer study reveals that consumers in Malaysia are, on average, delighted with their digital experiences.
31% of customers are unsatisfied with their digital experience

Consider this: In 2015 the Malaysian Multimedia Development Corporation stated that more than 60 percent of local businesses were ‘digital explorers’, which is one step above that of ‘digital resisters’. Malaysians are moving fast towards becoming digital natives. But what is the state of digital experience in Malaysia today?

Our survey of over 500+ consumers in Malaysia has revealed that 43% of respondents are delighted with the digital experience they receive. Nevertheless, businesses must persist in uncovering sweet spots that will improve experience and encourage advocacy; customers are well informed and will not hesitate to switch brands in an instance if they are not satisfied.

This report also looks into customer preferences, their attitudes towards privacy versus personalisation in various industries, and how exactly good and bad experiences impact their loyalty. And your business.


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